are aquariuss and aquarius compatible

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They usually have great ambitions and can pursue their goals with persistence. They have a perfect sense for strategy, and thanks to their intelligence they can invent and implement plans that other people do not even dare to dream about. But they lack adaptability, and they make mistakes when they need to improvise. These people are successful at what they do thanks to their perseverance and systematic work.

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Consistency and order are very important to them. They will achieve success later in life by working hard. Patience is important. These people are practical and conservative. Birthday 26th - Assertiveness Numerology - Birthday Number. These people are sensitive, kind and understanding. They have a great inner strength to overcome difficulties. They have organizational and leadership skills. They have a very good judgement and they will notice everything. They are quick-witted and they are able to do anything.

Full numerology report. Famous people born on December 3rd Today. Julianne Moore.

Daryl Hannah. Jean-Luc Godard.

It almost becomes too much…. I really how much I love this Taurus girl and what means to do so unconditionally. Yes she is true to her star sign in so many ways and carries many of the good and bad qualities associated to her sign. She is perfect to me in all her imperfect way, she is down to earth, she is the hardest working when she wants to be but can also be the laziest person if she so pleases.

She is strong willed, determine and driven, so much so she could drive me up a wall or even off a cliff on the wrong day. The sex with this Taurus girl, has eclipsed all others I have ever been with. As a true Scorpio I crave deep, sensual, passionate sex and have a constant lust sensual affection from my partner that only this Taurus girl has ever satisfied.

Myself as a Scorpio man, I know we have many good and bad traits, I know i can be dark and secretive at times and play my cards close to my chest. True to their sign Scorpios will Some advice to other Scorpio men and something that I have now promised to my Taurus girl. Be it a Virgo, Cancer or a even Taurus girl, you will know she is worth risking everything for, everything you have fought so hard to protect. She will sweep you off your feet, leave you breathless, she will be your exception, she will be that.

You will need to evolve if you want any chance of making it work and compromise which I know is something hard for us Scorpio men. My advice to Taurus women is openness. Both signs possess deep emotional traits and can be problematic if not expressed enough during the relationship. I know this may not sound fair, but due to the nature of Scorpios, they tend to isolate themselves emotionally and it takes a strong Taurus female to bring them back.

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This may mean being the first to make a move, give something without receiving, meeting him more than half way, be the first to tell him how you feel. For my Taurus Girl. I love sex and always have, even at I actually prefer performing oral over anything else. He may have something from his past inhibiting him. If I love someone nothing can make me stray, ever! The only thing that has ever changed that was the other person cheating on me. For me, that is a death knell and there is no going back, ever!

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I am dating a Taurus woman right now. She played hard to get, but I am persistent. Actually, I laid it on the line after a few weeks. If she remains loyal, I will defend her until the end of days. I have never cheated on anyone in 48 years. I have a Cancer moon. I myself am a scorpio man. Try and give him a few weeks a month is too much.

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Try to let him know you are still interested and that you will share an effort to make it work. But set some ground rules. They tend to help!

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I noticed him observing me for quiet sometime but he never really made the first move nor did we speak though we both enjoy enough popularity in our respect ….. I did try being funny around him to just make him feel comfortable….. Met a scorpio boy back in , all we did was having coffee and talk. Our conversations were about Intellectual and philosophical staffs, nothing flirty. He was nice to talk but i did not get a good vibe from him as man. Anyway he left the country and we kept contacting each other every few months. Back to , i travelled and met him overseas. He wanted to take me to a bar but i do not drink, so we spent the whole night in the coffee shop like how we used to few years ago.

We have not changed much. Just a little bit less cautious towards each other. We started to contact more, like once a week, but still i cannot think that he is into me. Scorpio man is hard to know, intense and complicated, but i guess it is not fair to push them just beacuse you cannot figure them out. People need their time to decide what they want to do sometimes.. Relationship can make things more complicated instead of security and stability when you are not ready..

We became best friends, spending a lot of time together and I knew we were falling for each other. The problem was that I was with someone at the time.

So, I had to tell taurus girl no. We met up again in , both single, and started talking again.


Turns out we had both been thinking of each other a lot during those 4 years, sort of still being in love but from a distance. The thing is, the fights are intense, and unfortunately I think she gets the worst of it most of the time. Let her win once in a while.