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Do visit often to search out out additional. KP pseudoscience is fabricated by Shri K.

KP system is used for minute calculations and predictions

Krishna Murthy. He researched on varied Indian ANd Western pseudoscience ways and developed a brand new technique referred to as KP Krishnamurthy Paddhati pseudoscience which provides an correct result and pinpoints of each event in life. This technique uses basic principles of sacred text pseudoscience and analyzed in an exceedingly totally different method.

KP pseudoscience uses Sud Lord theory. The basis of this sub lord theory is predicated on Vimshottari Dasha System of sacred text pseudoscience. KP pseudoscience is additionally having ruling planet technique that is wide used for birth time rectification. Your support will help us to give you more free Astrology Services.

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What is KP Astrology? Ans: KP means Krishnamurthy Paddhati. Paddhati means method. This method of analysing a birth chart is invented by Shri K. A: No. This is a method of analysis. This method is taken from Vedic Astrology only.

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Ans: In Vedic Astrology House division will be used by most of people equal house system and Sripathi house system. In KP Placidus house division will be used.

In Vedic Astrology we use only Moon dasha. But in KP Astrology we need to calculate dashas for every planet and house. He decided to use the placidian house divisions with these sidereal charts, a major divergence from classical vedic astrology; moreover, he placed the rising degree at the beginning of a house and not in the middle as practiced by other jyotishis. His 'system' also had an interesting twist. Since the zodiac can be divided into divisions, each ruled by a sign-lord one per 30 deg , star-lord one per 13 deg 20 min and a star-sublord variable dimensions, 40 min to 2 deg 13 min 20 sec , he often asked clients to provide a number between 1 and which he used as the ascendant in a chart drawn for the moment of the querry planetary longitudes were calculated for the moment.

A client providing a number that was outside this range was told that the venture would not be a success! Through KP, as the method was called Krishnamurthy's Paddhati or Procedure , Krishnamurthy revealed and revived a very important fundamental concept on the indian astrological scene, that of the role of asterisms in chart analysis and particularly by refining the use and improving the usefulness of the vimshottary dasha system of timing.

He must be commended for that. The system is essentially not very different from that used for delineating any other chart as per vedic parlance.

The chart is drawn by using either the numerical representative for the ascendant, or for the epoch of the querry. The planets in both cases are calculated for the moment of making the querry. The significant planets are the planet ruling over the weekday, the lords of the signs, stars and subs of the rising degree ascendant and the moon.

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The ascendant is taken to represent the client while the seventh house represents the astrologer. When the astrologer also happens to be the querist, it is interesting that at times this is indicated in the chart itself in terms of 'connectivities' between the two houses!

The success or failure of the undertaking then would be indicated by the mutual agreement or disagreement between the planets. Things such as friendship or lack thereof between the planets concerned, their association with each other by aspect, any beneficial combinations yogas between relevant planets and the strength of the planets are considered. An examination of the vimshottary dasha is then made and this is used, in addtion to transits of the significant planets and stars for estimating the timing.

Situations where the indicators are fewer and clear, the outcome can be expected to be better predictable.


If too many conflicting influences exist, there is usually reason to believe that the issue is riddled with problems. In his writings, Krishnamurthy gave numerous examples of things such as long-distance phone calls. This might amuse the western reader who is used to dialing a number and expecting to get through right away. In India of years ago, before direct dialing became available, one had to place a call and then wait and wait and wait, often at the post- office because most people did not have personal phones.

It was a big deal and Krishnamurthy used it to test his system! Perhaps we can do the same with our snail-mail here! I am presenting a tiny sampling here:. Generally, if the sublord is in an angle or trine from the houses ruled by the starlord, success is indicated, whereas, if the sublord is in the 6th, 8th or 12th from the house under examination, then delays, obstacles and failure result. Sometimes, the nature of the involved signs and planets gives a clue about the speed with which the issue would progress to a culmination.

Fixed signs, earthy influences, retrograde planets and planets such as jupiter and saturn generally indicate delays, sun, venus, mars, moon and mercury represent speedy progress. The nodes rahu and ketu add unpredictability and suddenness, and result in uneven progress in the matters at hand. When the question is posed, it is recommended that there should not be any distraction and the querist should meditate on the question for a while, examining all known aspects of it before placing the question.

Clarity and seriousness of intent is probably rewarded with similar answers.